Shanon Maya Sooknah | Wellbeing coach & Yoga Teacher

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I am a wellbeing coach and yoga teacher who believes in creating the life of your dreams, finding your own balance, and the healing power of salt water. 

The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”

Isak Dinesen

As a wellbeing coach and yoga teacher,

My mission is to help you step into self-worth & self-trust so you can materialize a life you love, confidently share your gifts with the world and make it a better place.

Have you ever made New Year’s resolutions?* If yes, you know how hard it is to actually do & keep them. Despite your best intentions, it never seems to truly work. *heart-crushing disappointment*

*Don’t lie! I know you did. And yes it does count if it was only once when you were 10.

When it comes to breaking cycles, waving goodbye to imposter syndrome, giving the middle finger to perfectionism, setting boundaries and all the other hard-but-oh-so-needed things, there are two types of people:

The ones who never start because their whole life is such a mess and everything feels too intertwined & complicated to even fathom a starting point.

The ones who do start but whose motivation quickly fades and it always feels like they’re back where they started *womp womp*.

And then, there’s a third type of people. The ones who are in the life-is-ok-but-not-so-greatvibe. They have this feeling that it could definitely be better, but they have literally no idea what’s keeping them from living their best life. And because they don’t know what the issue is, they can’t start. And this is as frustrating as a DJ skipping the best part of their fave song.

But there comes a point where you realize that this beige* life and trying to figure things out alone have to stop. Because you deserve a life as bright as the sun and asking for support when you need is a power move, honey!

*Don’t get me wrong! I absolutely Iove beige, but only for clothes and design.



Open-minded & ambitious people

And this also includes you. Change only happens when you’re ready to see life from a different perspective and when you don’t settle for less than you deserve. And honey, let me tell you that you deserve anything that makes your heart happy! 

Kindness, compassion & acceptance 

Growth should be a compassionate and heart-centered journey. You and I will root every session in unconditional love, compassion, and acceptance for who you are right now. 

Safety & responsibility

Whether you come to a coaching session or a yoga practice, I do my best to create a safe space to support your growth. However, I believe that you are responsible for the actions you decide to engage in.

So, I’m a wellbeing coach and a yoga teacher,

But my real gift isn’t just to guide you through a sun salutation and help you set clear goals. It’s seeing you for who you truly are and being deeply sensitive to the emotions in the room.

How did I get here?


I know what it’s like to have this tiny voice in your head judging and shaming you! 

This is


Valentin Schaer

Our jack of all trades!

He’s a professional stuff maker. Anything you see that’s beautiful? It was probably made by him ! The pictures, the videos, the music, the design, the website. It’s all him. He’s also Nunam’s biggest supporter and we love him for that! You should definitely check his work!

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Omnivert, Manifesting generator, Learning addict & Recovering people pleaser.

I’m at my happiest

by the ocean,
wearing close to nothing

I’m obsessed with

babies (fur babies included)

Life is all about

finding your own balance 


Introvert, Essentialist, Maven, Projector, Cancer & Recovering hyper-rationalist

I’m at my happiest

by the lake during summer time

I’m obsessed with

midday naps

Life is all about

learning about the most random topics (and the less random ones)

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You think we’re a match like fresh coconut water and tropical summer? 

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