Yoga & coaching retreats

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Unwind & Release
24-25-26 Feb 2023

This retreat was an invitation to unwind the knots and release the blockages. It was a safe space to dive deep into your mind, body and emotions to support your growth.  Yoga and coaching psychology were dancing together to cleanse your being from what doesn’t serve you anymore.

The talented Juliette prepared good vegan dishes

“My name is Juliette and I engaged with plant-based cookery while studying environmental sciences and have since worked as a health chef, pastry chef, developing my own recipes, and finishing a diploma at CNM; Currently, I cater retreats and private events, which I love.”


Peace & Space retreat 2021

In September 2021 we launched Nunam with a 3-day yoga and coaching retreat! It was a magnificent moment out of time, thank you very much to the participants for these sharing! Keep shining bright ✨