Nunam | Wellbeing Coaching & Yoga


Wellbeing coaching and yoga for humans ready to step into their power and create their own state of balance in all aspects of their life.*

* I’m talking mental, physical, emotional & social wellbeing in your personal & professional life as well as in your relationships with yourself & with others.

Nunam | Wellbeing Coaching & Yoga


I’m here to help you shine brighter

You’re an awesome human. You have tremendous resources and you could achieve pretty much anything you desire. But how do you *actually* tap into these resources and materialize this shiny life of yours? It all comes down to support – and making you feel seen, heard, held and supported is what I do best.

shine brighter

Shanon Maya Sooknah wellbeing coach yoga teacher

Nunam | Wellbeing Coaching & Yoga

Nunam is a heart and soul-led project. It is about deep self-care and awareness. Nunam relies on the power of connecting with your own self and other humans to find more harmony within and share it without. Its roots are grounded in the now, while its leaves dance in the winds of the future. Nunam is a journey to growth.

Hey, friend

Shanon Maya Sooknah wellbeing coach yoga teacher

Shanon here!

I’m a wellbeing coach and yoga teacher all about balance.

I’m on a mission to support sensitive humans manifest an authentic, purposeful, fulfilling, blissful and balanced life with an approach that embraces all aspects of their life.

Because I believe a dreamy life means something different for everyone. Let’s shape your current life into a version that is aligned & true to YOU* and that has YOU excited to set your alarm at 6am or 11am… because you choose.

* not what seems like a good life on Insta

Purpose and passion fuel your soul

Looking to get a stretch that feels like pulling your whole life back together?

Check out my YOGA SCHEDULE

Are you dreaming of an hour to yourself? Join me in Vevey or Blonay for a whole hour of selfcare, calmness and mindfulness. 
I guide a slow yoga vinyasa where you can move and breathe consciously, get your muscles working and connect with your sensations & inner world.

Shanon Maya Sooknah wellbeing coach yoga teacher

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Ride your own wave

This month, the challenge is to spend time by yourself. Spending some alone time will allow you to know yourself…

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