Postpartum Yoga in Vevey

You’ve got this Mama !

Postpartum yoga

according to the DeGasquet method, is about taking care of your body so that it can recover and heal better and faster from your experience of carrying and birthing your little one earth-side.

During postpartum yoga classes, you’ll gently get those tissues back to a more normal size and re-train your body while moving consciously, progressively and in a targeted way to ease and/or prevent potential damage. If you’ve had a C-section, know that not only our practices are safe, but they also help with the healing of your scar tissues

Postpartum yoga is NOT about losing the pounds you gained during pregnancy and fitting back into your jeans!

There is no time limit on postpartum healing !

Postpartum yoga starts ideally 1 week after giving birth! *gasp* Yes, it is a quick start. But I promise that it will make you feel good! I know what you’re thinking: it is HARD to get out of the house with a tiny 1 week-old human! So don’t worry, if you start later, you will still benefit from the postpartum yoga practices. Medical professionals say that postpartum lasts 6 weeks, but who are they kidding?! In reality your body will probably take muuuuch longer to recover from this unforgettable experience and it is not only ok but normal! That’s why my postpartum yoga classes are made to suit anyone who feels like their body still needs specific support, even if it’s 6 months after giving birth. You are welcome to join my classes for as long as you want!

My postpartum yoga classes are a non-judgemental space

You can bring your baby, breastfeed, pump your milk, cry and laugh. We will always start with a little checking-in circle where everyone can share and listen what is in their mind and on their heart.

Not to freak you out, but did you know that your abs lengthen by around 15cm during pregnancy and that your womb is an empty 30cm-high pouch after giving birth?!

Join me for postpartum yoga in Vevey

Aims of postpartum yoga :

☼ Help your body heal
☼ Prevent further damages
☼ Re-train your body
☼ Relax
☼ Take care of yourself
☼ Find a supportive space

Postpartum yoga in Vevey !


10:45 – 11:45
25.- /class

Atika Therapy
Rue d’Italie 59
1800 Vevey

Our packs:

6 prenatal: 140 CHF
12 prenatal: 275 CHF
6 postpartum: 140 CHF
12 postpartum: 275 CHF

6 prenatal and 6 postpartum: 275 CHF
12 prenatal and 6 postpartum: 400 CHF
6 prenatal and 12 postpartum: 400 CHF
12 prenatal and 12 postpartum: 525 CHF

I know how hard it is to leave the house with a tiny human

that’s why your first postpartum practice can be a private one in the comfort of your home if you purchase a pack!

For packs, please contact me.
Payment on site, in cash or by TWINT.
Payment by bank transfer possible for packs.
Installments possible from 200chf onwards.
Inscription requested

About me

Passionate about little humans, their development and parenthood, I chose most of my psychology courses at university on child development and the transition to parenthood. My second master in positive psychology and coaching psychology allowed me to study positive parenthood and education. This second master also equipped me with the tools to support people thanks to coaching. In short, I love the miracle of life and everything that goes with it (babies, parents, highs, lows, discovery, love and so much more).

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