Prenatal Yoga in Vevey

For you, future mama

Prenatal yoga

according to the DeGasquet method, is a space to enhance your well-being and the one of your little one. We learn new postures and breathing techniques to move in ways that support your body rather than add more pressure than already exists during pregnancy. This method is also helpful in relieving physical pain that may arise during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga classes are also a space to prepare your body for birth and postpartum. We use nursing pillow, Swiss balls and only few poses that we see in traditional yoga classes. We co-create the practices together, according to your needs and where you are at on your pregnancy journey. Our prenatal yoga classes are also a safe space to meet and share with other people who live similar experiences. It’s becoming part of a village, to have a space to ask questions, feel reassured and take a moment for you and your baby. 

Join me for prenatal yoga in Vevey

Aims of prenatal yoga:

☼ Relieve physical pain
☼ Prevent physical damages
☼ Energize your body
☼ Prepare for birth and postpartum
☼ Take a moment for yourself
☼ Develop physical consciousness

Prenatal Yoga in Vevey

12:15 – 13:15
25.- /class

Atika Therapy
Rue d’Italie 59
1800 Vevey

18:15 – 19:15

Premier étage
Rue des Deux-Gares 6B 1800 Vevey

Our packs:

6 prenatal: 140 CHF
12 prenatal: 275 CHF
6 postpartum: 140 CHF
12 postpartum: 275 CHF

6 prenatal and 6 postpartum: 275 CHF
12 prenatal and 6 postpartum: 400 CHF
6 prenatal and 12 postpartum: 400 CHF
12 prenatal and 12 postpartum: 525 CHF

I know how hard it is to leave the house with a tiny human

that’s why your first postpartum practice can be a private one in the comfort of your home if you purchase a pack!

For packs, please contact me.
Payment on site, in cash or by TWINT.
Payment by bank transfer possible for packs.
Installments possible from 200chf onwards.
Inscription requested

About me

Passionate about little humans, their development and parenthood, I chose most of my psychology courses at university on child development and the transition to parenthood. My second master in positive psychology and coaching psychology allowed me to study positive parenthood and education. This second master also equipped me with the tools to support people thanks to coaching. In short, I love the miracle of life and everything that goes with it (babies, parents, highs, lows, discovery, love and so much more).

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