Ride your own wave

This month, the challenge is to spend time by yourself. Spending some alone time will allow you to know yourself better and it will support you in healing your needs for approval. Alone time will also allow you to heal your fears of being rejected, abandoned, unliked or alone. The more comfortable you are with being by yourself, the less scared of being abandoned, rejected or alone you will be. The more you practice the more you will enjoy your own company.

You cannot be lonely if you like the person you are alone with
(Wayne Dyer)

Be creative and find enjoyable ways to spend time by yourself. A coffee date, a candle-lit dinner, a hike, a dance party or a karaoke. You can also take a moment to write something kind to yourself, write yourself a letter saying thank you for all the things you have accomplished, speak to yourself kindly in front of your mirror. Find anything you want but do it alone and fully present. And no, watching a series on Netflix or endlessly scrolling on Instagram does not count.


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