Yoga vinyasa in Vevey

Yoga in vevey

You don’t have to touch your head with your toes to experience that after-yoga transformation. 

But you might need a few practices before you can feel the transformative power of yoga. It’s called tapas (self-discipline) in yogic philosophy.

Join me!

Because not all bodies can be comfortable in a lotus seat

My practices honour the uniqueness of each being, adapting the asanas to your unique constitution and giving you space to explore what feels good and what does not. My yoga approach is a magical blend of vinyasa, hata, yin yoga and gymnastics . I loooove the science of the human body and brain and I prepare my practices based on this knowledge. I also encourage you to connect to your own being (physical, mental and emotional), travel out of your comfort zone in a playful way, without any expectations and a bit of humour. But what makes my practices so special is my devoted presence and the love I hold for the people present.

Atika yoga Vevey

Greet your self where it is

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Don’t tell me you’re not flexible enough for yoga!

Because that’s exactly why you should come. You should come to remove the accumulated tension and rigidity that come with stressing about that typo you made in an email you wrote three weeks ago and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulder. And you’ll see that once you drop this stubborn tension, your body can relaxe. Who knew you could be that flexible?!

Witness the things you can see only when you slow down.

You should come if you’re in the doing-mode every second of your life so that you don’t have to sit with your emotions. If you tend to overthink, this is also for you honey! I am sorry to break it to you but overthinking is very often a way to avoid feelings. And while it is possible to overthink your way through a sun salutation and savasana, little by little, you will be guided into your sensations and feelings. And this is the magic of yoga.

Let’s practice yoga together in Vevey !

Tuesdays at Atika Yoga

Join me every Tuesday from 19:30 to 20:30 for a slow vinyasa yoga.

This is definitely the most charming yoga studio in Vevey. In the old town of Vevey, climb all the stairs of this secret town-within-a-town and open the door to this beautiful attic vibes studio. The exposed beams, the light, the fireplace… everything is cosy. We have the mats, the blocks, the straps, the bolsters and even blankets. Just come as you are and enjoy an hour of movements and peace & quiet. You deserve it.


Single class : 25.- (first class at free price!)

Multi-class passes :
5x classes for 115.-
10x classes for 210.-

Students/AVS : 20% discount

Payment on site. Cash or Twint


Thursdays at Premier Étage

Join me every Thursday from 12:15 to 13:15 for a slow vinyasa yoga.

You can find this modern and classy studio just right next to the train station of Vevey, in the historical building Ateliers Mécaniques. It is the perfect place for a lunch break between two meetings as it is right in the center of Vevey. This small studio is a calm and relaxed space as it is now part of a health space with osteopaths and psychotherapists. There is all you need to make yourself comfortable mats, blocs, bolsters, knee pads, etc.


Single class : 30.- (first class at 20.-!)

Multi-class passes :
5x classes for 115.-
10x classes for 210.-

Payment on site. Cash or Twint


Fridays at YamaYoga

Join me every Friday from 09:00 to 10:15 for a slow vinyasa yoga.

Friday morning yoga practices in St-Légier are the perfect way to end your week and ease into the weekend. An hour and a quarter of calm, a fluid dance between gentle and intense movements, breathing with intention. A vinyasa yoga practice to change your physical and mental state.

Bring your own mat and props, or contact me if you need any.


First drop-in class:

Payment on site. Cash or Twint

To be part of YamaYoga, you need to pay a yearly membership fee and then buy the packages you want.

Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays at Fitness LaTour

Join me every Wednesday from 14:00 to 15:30, Friday from 07:15 to 08:10, Sunday from 17:00 to 18:30 for a slow vinyasa yoga.

Fitness LaTour is perfectly located in the center of La Tour-de-Peilz. The yoga practices at Fitness LaTour are a great to slow down, to improve your focus and to find a balance between strengthening your muscles and developing your flexibility. The yoga practices are accessible to everyone as I do my best to adapt the yoga asanas (postures).


To be part of Fitness LaTour, you need to buy a membership.

The yoga season at Bains Payes is on!

Join me every Sunday morning from 9 :00 to 10:00 during the spring and summer season (April to October) to practice yoga vinyasa while enjoying the most beautiful view from the rooftop of Bains Payes in Vevey.

There’s not a Sunday I haven’t thought to myself: Damn it’s breathtakingly gorgeous out here!
The little yellow parasols contrasting with the blue of the lake and the green of the mountains and Lavaux. The Sunday morning quietness. The rising sun. The fresh air.
But above all, there’s not a Sunday I haven’t thought to myself: Damn I’m so lucky to have all these magical souls wake up and practise with me!
Sunday morning yoga at Bains Payes also means sunshine, cold coffees, brunches, dip in the lake, holiday vibes. And most importantly, it means an incredible and radiant community.

Bring your own mat or contact me if you need one.


Single class:
20.- standard rate
15.- for student/avs

5-class package:
80.- standard rate
60.- for students/avs

Payment on site. Cash or Twint

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Les Bains Payes
Quai Ernest-Ansermet 10
1800 Vevey

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